Charlestown Breachway to Pt Judith RI, photo by Jack Miller
Clear skies over Monument Valley photo by Jack Miller
On Saturday, May 6, 2002 I had to be in Phoenix for a conference that would
end late Monday afternoon. On Wednesday, I needed to be in Dallas for a
meeting at 1:30. I had a “dead day” in between.

I hadn’t been to Arizona often, and I wanted to do something interesting on the
“dead day.”

The natural thing was to work from my hotel in Phoenix on Tuesday and then
fly directly to Dallas. But, I’d never been to New Mexico, or Monument Valley, or
the Four Corners where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado meet. And
so, rather than spend the “dead day” working from a hotel room, I decided to
take a vacation day, rent a car and drive through this remote region.

After more than 30 years as a corporate Road Warrior, this was a rare
occasion to take a day off and see the country.  Oh, there was the time I took
the long way from Salem, Oregon to Portland, via Santiam Pass and the
foothills of Mt. Hood - a small detour turning the one hour trip into a five-and-a-
half hour trip. But that was nearly twenty years ago. More recently, I had taken
two vacation days after a convention in Las Vegas to see Zion, Bryce, and the
Grand Canyon.

That was twice in thirty years. All too often, we Road Warriors don’t even think
about such things. We see the world from 30,000 feet. But, on this day in May,
2002 I decided that I was going to take advantage of such opportunities more

This website is about that first journey, and others that followed, and the
photography of Jack Miller,
The View
From 30,000